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9th UN/CEFACT Forum - October 2006


The meeting was hosted by the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry;
Co-sponsors were SI Automotive Manufacturers, CONtainers CORp, Indian Airports, ports of India.


The election process
TBG12 re-elected Robert Lemense as Chair and Michel Lesourd as Vice-Chair


Logical / Physical message
Confirmation obtained from CCMA and ICG that the message contains one or more accounting entries. Message is not to confuse with Edificas wording “File”.
A message may contain a small or large set of accounting entries or accounts from a chart of accounts.
It should be possible to mix both on provision the Business Process takes it into account.


DMR processed
One DMR was approved for code ORV for 1001 element;


Quality process paper
A paper for consideration was tabled by TBG12 to TBG StC on Tuesday 3-10.
TBG 12 requests TBG StC to appreciate the grounded reasons to forward this paper to FMG.


On Thursday 5-10, TBG StC agreed to push the paper toward FMG. Moreover, TBG15 is asked to evaluate which kind of follow-up should be appropriate with respect to International Trade Procedures.


TBG15 will add this topic on the agenda for its next meeting to take place in Geneva, in November 2006. The matter shall be discussed in order to decide to take it on board for the next two years work programme of TBG15. The highest final status could be some kind of a draft UN recommendation.


BRS Accounting Entry
A lot of work was achieved on the BRS Accounting Entry.


TBG12 accepted changes on the Accounting Token ABIE considering the requests of other groups:


  • Qualify weighting of accounts Main / Sub account
  • Extend Type of accounts to a private table of codes
  • Add short name and full name of account
  • Change association of ABIE Accounting Account -> Monetary Value both being now linked with Accounting Entry Line


Changes Model for several ABIEs and BIEs regarding cardinality


Reorganisation of the elements composing “message header” and “message trailer” parts of the model.


Preparation of RSM and opening a full test session
Update of the code lists to be used by the coded BIE: that is from UNCL code list when applicable, otherwise with a private list of codes.




  • This code lists topic might be an issue since positions inside UN/Cefact Forum seem opposite:
    • ICG to recommend UNCL Update;
    • TBG to recommend proprietary code lists.
  • TBG12 wonders whether Date Time should not need to be amended.
    It is indeed a possible big issue for accounting and from an audit viewpoint when the calendar in use at an enterprise should not be Gregorian.
  • It may be desirable/required to improve the accounting entries Business Process by opening the capability to attach / embed the electronic voucher justifying the entry within the electronic document accounting entry.


The group will have to decide on this question prior to deliver an approved BRS.


Meeting with US/DoD delegate
TBG12 had a meeting with a delegate of the US Department of Defense.
It aimed to discover the needs of DoD and the current developments made by TBG12 within its own business process chain.


The Accounting Token add-on BRS and the draft Accounting Entry BRS were distributed.


Approved Projects
The projects submitted by TBG12 have been approved by TBG StC
That are:


  • Chart of Accounts
  • Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Reporting


The meeting
Issues were tabled at TBG Steering Committee regarding the difference of procedure applied by TBG17 for submission by UN/Cefact members as opposed to non UN/Cefact members.
Hard to hear that external submitters are not due to comply to the rules imposed to TBG proposals.
It sounds very much like a dangerous deviation that might encourage resignation of some UN/Cefact members.


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