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18th UN/CEFACT Forum - March-April 2011


Michel Lesourd (EDIFICAS – FR), Benoît Marchal (EDIFICAS - Europe), Eric Cohen (PriceWaterHouseCoopers).

This GME is replacing the 18th UN-Cefact.

Work progress

Below is the status of the work achieved so far by TBG12 as well as the progress schedule (as rec-orded on CONFLUENCE):

ODP1 : Project Proposal ; ODP2 : Requirements List ; ODP3 : 1st Working Draft ; ODP4 : Internal Review ; ODP5 : Public Review ; ODP6 : Implementation/Verification ; ODP7 : Final Release ; ODP8 : Maintenance.

Vice-Chair Election

Benoît Marchal has been elected vice-chair of TBG12.

Migration to CCTS 3.0

The migration has not been discussed this week but informal discussions took place with TBG6.

Reorganization of UN-CEFACT

We have participated in many meetings on the reorganization of the UN/CEFACT. Throughout the week we have tried to contribute positively to the brainstorming sessions and other meetings drawing on our experience in submitting projects.
We have stressed the importance of cross-sectorial work and harmonization, the need to reduce bot-tlenecks and the need to establish to liaison with other standard bodies.
See the attached presentation that summarizes our proposals :

Lexical nomenclature

We have studied the opportunity to use RDF : (http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resource_Description_Framework)
to realize the lexical nomenclature. We drew a few examples and the results look encouraging and will need further development.

Next forum

The 19th UN-CEFACT Forum will take place in


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