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15th UN/CEFACT Forum - Sept-Oct 2009

Alain Bernard (Neuronics – BE), Michel Lesourd (EDIFICAS – FR).

Progress report
The current progress status of TBG12 works is the following:

P044 Accounting Token
P083 Accounting Message TBG 18 03/10 09/10
P082 Accounting Journal 08/09 11/09 03/10 09/10
P057 Accounting Entry v1
P057 Accounting Entry v1.1 09/09 06/10 12/10 03/12 09/12 04/14 04/14
P072 Accounting Ledger 09/10 09/10
P074 Accounting Chart of Accounts 10/09
P073 Accounting Trial Balance 04/10 09/10 01/11 03/12 03/12
P075 Financial Reporting 10/09
P085 Bundle Collection TBG 6, 18, 19 09/09 04/10 04/10 07/10 04/11 08/11
- Lexical Nomenclature

ODP1 : Project Proposal ; ODP2 : Requirements List ; ODP3 : 1st Working Draft ; ODP4 : Internal Review ; ODP5 : Public Review ; ODP6 : Im-plementation/Verification ; ODP7 : Final Release ; ODP8 : Maintenance.

Accounting Entry Message
The message was recently published in the UNECE directory CCL08B of the UN/CEFACT standard messages.

Chart of accounts –Ledger – Accounting Message – Financial Reporting
Check changes due to TBG17 according to requests made in Vienna F2F.
The BRSs are then validated again by the TBG17. We are waiting for Excel files prior to update accordingly the BRSs and prepare the RSMs.

Common meetings with TBGs
A common meeting was made with TBG 6 and 19 to introduce a new project which will turn out to be com-mon: Bundle Collection.
TBG18 did not attend but expressed also its interest.
The submissions to TBG17 force us to make new changes the September 29th and October 1st in relation with the works of Vienna.

Use of messages
Delta Pelgrim asked us some questions to check the usability of the Chart Of Accounts data model within the framework of a budget management project of US DoD.

TBG’s Steering Committee
Besides the morning weekly meetings, the TBG StC’s Chair organized two half days of consultation/think tank:

  • On the general organization of the procedures
  • On the TBG’s management

    Among this last point, the following was discussed:

    • The members of the TBGs must be appointed by a national Head of Delegation,
    • The acceptance as TBG ‘s member of any international organization approved by the Plenary,
    • The qualification of the experts appointed as member (international trade, public sector, eBusiness),
    • The endorsement of the UN/Cefact charter about intellectual property rights,
    • The proportionality of voting rights according to the respective importance of the TBGs,
    • the closure or the suspension of a TBG.

Audience to the fortnightly meetings of the TBG17
Further to the message sent in September to the Chair of the TBG, concerning the absence of human and finan-cial ressources to attend all the periodic call conferences, it was unanimously decided with the TBG’s chair and the TBG17 that the TBG12 will verify all the core components (ACC, ABIE, ASCC, ASBIE) concerning the accounting into the documents produced by the TBG17.

Harm Jan van Burg and Gianluca Garbellotto made a presentation of their concept SBR-LS to the TBG17.
We had no feedback about this presentation, except that the TBG17’s Chair told us that their members (except TBG12) don’t have a clue in accounting.
(We had already indicated during the Roma Forum , that we had neither the time nor the resources to create a bridge between XBRL Ledger and Accounting Ledger of ebXML).

Next Forum
The 16th UN-Cefact Forum will be organized in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in April, 2010.


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