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14th UN/CEFACT Forum - April 2009

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Jan Bergström (Devitel – SE), Alain Bernard (Neuronics – BE), Gianluca Garbellotto (Iphix / XBRL GL – US), Robert Lemense (EDIFICAS – BE), Michel Lesourd (EDIFICAS – FR), Harm Jan van Burg (Ministry of Finance / XBRL – NL)

Michel Lesourd is the TBG12 new elected chair and Alain Bernard is the vice-chair.
The status of the projects matrix is discussed and approved:

This projects matrix will be used to update TBG12 part of the new TBG projects web site on UNECE / Conflu-ence

Accounting Entry
The message is part of CCL08B; message assembly has been completed by ATG.
ICG will update UN-CEFACT standard messages registry with Accounting Entry message model.

Accounts Chart
BRS was approved by FMG; the data model has been forwarded to TBG17 with ACC/ABIEs submission sheet for harmonization. TBG12 wishes to harmonize the core elements as soon as possible, preferably (if possible) during May face to face meeting in Amsterdam.

Financial Reporting (TBG12-TBG18)
The data model has been forwarded to TBG17 with ACC/ABIEs submission sheet for harmonization.
The BRS was submitted to TBG StC for public review and comments; After 60 days, it will be forwarded to FMG and posted on UNECE Secretariat web site.

Accounting Message (TBG12-TBG18)
The BRS has been finalised and forwarded to TBG StC. A 60 days public review period is opened at TBG StC receipt.

Not yet achieved, the writing of BRS on Ledger did progress.
Some issues regarding a law number of associations still need to be solved by the developing team.
As soon as agreement is reached, this BRS will be updated and forwarded to TBG StC prior to opening a 60 days public review period.

A meeting with XBRL GL Chair, Gianluca Garbellotto was organized to discuss the way XBRL GL can be linked with TBG12 works and vice versa.
The sponsor of the possible project is the Dutch Ministry of Finance here represented by Harm Jan van Burg. The latter was arguing to have agreed support of official authority of New Zealand. He also defined this project between TBG12 Ledger/Accounting Entry/Accounts Chart and XBRL GL to be some kind of bridge between e-business documents developed by Cefact TBGs with XBRL GL, in particular the e-invoice.
Moreover, it was said to be outside of the XBRL scope.
Not clear whether it was a Dutch Ministry of Finance project sponsoring expertise of XBRL GL Chair or some-thing else.
The concept was explained and designed by Harm Jan van Burg as follows:

On the other side, TBG12 suggested the following:

After discussion with Stuart Feder, UN-Cefact Chair, it was concluded that instead of TBG12, TBG17 is the right place to harmonize XBRL GL tags with UN-Cefact Core Components, in a similar procedure the one followed for harmonization of UBL, Swift, etc.

The Journal project proposal submitted ealier to TBG StC is accepted.

Joint meetings with other TBGs
TBG12 attended a TBG1 meeting related to e-Invoice (CII-v2). The issues discovered in Saly concerning taxes -> accounting token associations have been solved.
TBG12 and TBG14 discussed about the place of accounting in the global supply chain business process.
It appeared that it is not realistic to imagine that all actors and business processes to be included in detail at their respective level in the global business model. TBG14 recommends TBG12 to pay careful attention on accounting actors role and business process description in the BRS when accounting may be directly or indirectly impacted.
A joint conference TBG12-TBG18 was organized to explain the BRS for the Accounting Message to accompa-ny the Reporting Message.
During the meeting organized by TBG17 jointly with ATG, ICG and all TBGs new procedure for CC submission has been explained and approved.

Next Forum
The 15th Forum UN-Cefact will take place in Sapporo (Japan) from September 28, 2009 till October 2, 2009.


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