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TIC-CR (Information and Communication Technology applied to accounting and reporting)

This document introduces the final deliverable produced in common by the "Conseil Supérieur de l’Ordre des Experts-Comptables" and Edificas association since 1989 in France and in Europe since 1991.

It is intending to be the current state of the art in accounting matters facing developments of e-Business and the consequences of the rapidly evolving technology on computerized accounting in the entities. It is based on projects organized and successful realizations by accountants supported by computer experts and experts in electronic data transmission.

Many applications are now running in several European countries. Internet and the surrounding techniques (XML) seems to produce a trend shift that is gathering a wide audience so far; however very few applications if any were able to demonstrate the usefulness capability for accounting professionals that must deal with data volumes and appointed representation.

Operational applications did ensure proof of concept in order to draw reports on results discovered during the past ten years.

Assessment and gained experience completed the idea to write down a concept for the new Information and Communication Technology applied to accounting and reporting. It was just an idea,… it is now a fact.

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