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EDI in e-Business : an interoperable communication technique

e-Business standardized scenarios, well designed orchestration and choreography between partners enables interoperable communication technique that is spreading out over all economy sectors (agriculture, insurance, automotive and chemical industry, commerce, accounting, construction, finance, information technology, judicial, transport, public sector, etc.). Also remarkable EDI benefits use to be more and more extended to all internal functions of the enterprise. EDI is based on international standard business processes and its languages named EDIFACT or ebXML. It is striving for elimination of barriers due to heterogeneous hardware and software; it is simultaneously aiming to integrate new information and communication technology. To ensure services continuity over time there is a need to deal with EDIFACT and XML; the United Nations standardisation community already addressed this issue.

EDI ensures smooth replacement of the expensive and inefficient paper based communication systems using structured message exchanges from application programme to application programme. Last but not least EDI is fostering accounting automated integration with the other functional chains of the entity.


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