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The missions of EDIFICAS

To identify common patterns of data flow as concerns accounting, auditing and related information between enterprises, third party declarant and information recipients.

  • To consider and advise on the practical implications of EDI as regards accounting and auditing, with particular reference to legal, telecommunications, security and general internal control requirements.
  • To promote the use of EDI in all operations relevant to e-accountancy, using UN/EDIFACT standards or XML recommendations as the means to manage these data flows.
  • To initiate proposal of new messages or changes to existing messages to international standardization bodies; to liaise with the other sectorial groups on proposal of UML model.
  • To ensure effective communication with other sectorial bodies groups such as retail, construction, automotive, transport, insurance, public bodies, banks, with foreign accounting professional institutions and with international groupings such as the Federation des Experts-comptables Européens, the European, the International Federation of Accountants and the European Commission.


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